I know from experience that slow and steady is not what anyone wants to hear when it comes to weight loss and fitness. We want it all and we want it now.

This type of mentality has led me to undertake every diet going and yes the results were usually quick and I was happy with them, until I stopped doing what it was that got me there and then the weight would pile back on and then some.

Funnily enough I think part of what started my “true” fitness journey was that I gave up. I gave up the fad diets and the fitness obsessions and I just embraced who I was. It wasn’t working. I accepted that I couldn’t change over night and I just had to be the healthiest person I could manage that day, and I kept doing that every day.

Some days I managed to be instagram worthy with a 5k run and green smoothies, other days not so much (pizza and krispy kremes anyone?)

I’ve read it a thousand times but the only way to truly change who you are is to change what you’re doing, one step at a time.

Over the last few years I’ve made so many changes it would take all day to list them in this post but I did them one at a time and I kept on doing them because I liked the results I was getting.

Then today I found a pair of shorts at the bottom of my draw and I tried them on because they’re the only shorts I used to own for working out in, I remembered I’d taken so many progress photos wearing these shorts and logged onto my laptop to find some.

So here I’m sharing a picture from January 2014 the start of my journey to today. The weight change on the scales is nothing compared to what I can see in the pictures.

I can’t wait to share it all with you but for now, the first thing you can change? Ditch the quest for fast results, accept the slow and steady pace it’s a journey not a race. Stop waiting for Monday or new year or a birthday.

Wake up tomorrow and be the best version of yourself that you can manage, give yourself the credit you deserve and keep doing that every day.


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