It’s boxing week at the academy I train at and I’m not going to lie it’s one of my favourite arts!

Since women’s boxing came to London 2012 it seems like more and more women have taken it up and it’s everywhere!

Instagram videos of Ellie Goulding hitting the pads are very popular, she is in amazing shape and great inspiration.
Let’s not forget Ed Sheerans Shape of you video too!

All the women I work with were talking about the run up to the David Haye fight over the last few weeks and looking forward to watching.

I know of ladies recently who are taking up boxing themselves to raise money for national and local charities through pink collar boxing. A white collar style event aimed at building confidence, losing weight, learning the skills and finally competing for charity.

It makes me happy to hear the buzz of women interested in the sport. The “This Girl Can” movement has gone a long way in getting women to branch out into more and more forms of fitness including martial arts.

For me it’s the attributes it brings to my martial art on the whole that I like boxing for. The movement and speed I like to work in my training. I love the sense of achievement from getting a drill and working it faster and tighter.

As for the fitness side of it, it’s a full body workout. Good music, fast paced training, sweat dripping. Everything will ache in a good way after this week is out. Bring it on!



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