I like snacks! My main problem used to be evening snacking which is another reason intermittent fasting suits me. Once I start my fasting timer it stops me keep popping in and out of the kitchen and gives me a sort of cut off. 

I try to keep my snacks healthy opting for fruit as much as possible. The fruit bowl is always over flowing, bananas are a must each week, apples are also a weekly staple and then I like to mix between satsumas, pears, berries and tropical fruits like mango, pineapple etc.

On the top shelf of my pantry cupboard I have a basket for snacky items, in there I keep things like popcorn, banana chips, nuts and dried fruit.

I usually pop something snacky in my packed lunch to have after the main part of my meal. I’ve got some yogurt sized pots I use for portion control. 

Recently I’ve been trying snack boxes from Abel and Cole, they’ve got a variety from nut mixes and crisp breads to fruit and veg. It’s easy because it means a changing variety delivered to my door. If anyone else knows any snack boxes to try I’d love to hear them. 

As I said earlier evenings are my danger time and it’s not normally physical hunger just boredom and cravings. 

Sometimes resistance is futial and ends in me reaching for something I know I shouldn’t have or don’t need. So I’ve found it’s better to listen on these days and make a smoothie or a “healthy pudding” then press start on my fasting app. 

After the app is set I will have a fruit or herbal tea instead and actually this pretty much always satisfies me despite the fact I never think it will. 

With all that said tonight we decided to go to the cinema last minute and I had popcorn and a Diet Coke. It’s important to me that the kids see me joining in with them and showing a healthy moderate approach to all foods on all occasions. 



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