Our chief instructor was talking to some of the coaching team today about the different reasons people want to take up martial arts. The main ones being:

1. Confidence

2. Fitness

3. Self Protection

Let’s talk a little about Martial Arts for confidence

A new student came to the academy this week for their first class, sat outside in their car for an hour and then drove home.

I stood listening to Sir talk and all the time thinking that used to be me.

My first class my body was shaking from head to toe. I enjoyed the workout and the drills but I was overwhelmed by anxiety because I was pushing personal boundaries.

Each day I would get my tshirt and leggings on and sit there trying to convince myself to set out until I knew I wouldn’t make it for the first class. Then I’d sit trying to make myself leave for the second class until again it was too late and I’d get changed and sit with my thoughts angry that I’d missed my chance.

I know that this feeling isn’t something that everyone will understand. Surely you’d just get up and go if you actually want to do it. In my head was an anxious stream of self talk, all the reasons I should go mixed with all the reasons I was afraid.

I couldn’t pin point one thing in particular that helped me overcome it. It wasn’t consistent, sometimes I’d leave and have a fantastic class and be looking forward to the next one. Then the next one would roll around and the negative self talk would begin again.

If I’d waited until the fear was gone I’d have  never started. I had to push through in spite of my fears and each time I came out the other side they eased.

Bruce Lee said ” courage is not the absence of fear,it is the ability to act in the presence of fear”

So if fear is stopping you from trying something new on your quest for fitness whether that’s trying martial arts, joining a gym or going out running;

Feel that fear, accept it and then go and do it anyway. Keep doing that until you conquer it and find more of your true self.


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