Living a whole healthy lifestyle isn’t just eating clean and exercising, it’s about your mental and emotional wellbeing too.

Being in tune with your body is important and I’ve spoken about it in previous posts but another part of living life whole is to be in tune with the seasons.

I’ve learnt that I crave different foods at different times of year, I’ve learnt that foods taste better when they are locally and seasonally produced instead of shipped from other parts of the world. I now know that I need more sleep in the cooler darker months compared with the light mornings and longer days.

It was the first day of spring in the UK on the 20th March.

Today the clocks changed and we lost an hour in bed but I woke up to a bright blue sky and a hot cup of coffee. Does it get any better?

I spent the morning at the local garden centre choosing new flowers for the front of the house, we swept and rearranged the garden ready for our morning coffee when the weather gets warmer and outdoor Sunday lunches.

I feel fresh and content this evening and ready to change up my routine for spring. I will probably be running more because I love nothing more than running with sun on my skin and bright clear skies.

I’ll start to eat more raw foods like salads and fruit as the weather gets warmer and spend time reading in my conservatory.

I’ll wake easier on a morning and get back to my morning routines as well as staying awake longer on an evening reading.

We will have more family outings and walks over the hills, the kids enjoy running with me for fun sometimes and we will start to plant some vegetables (that I will most likely kill.)

I love the changing rhythm of the seasons and the family traditions and rituals that come with it. I’ve noticed we build up more for each season each year and I look forward to sharing them with you.

This week go get yourself some greenery for the house or garden, sit yourself somewhere bright, make a bowl of berries and read something good.

Health isn’t just for the body but the mind too.


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