Sometimes motivation leaves you and no amount of Instagram scrolling or fitness magazine reading will help.

Top tips when you’re just not feeling it:

Treat yourself 

Promise yourself a reward like an early night, a long hot bath, some nice cream. Use it as a bribe to get yourself to work out or eat that salad you’ve packed for lunch.

Drink some water 

Not drinking enough makes me feel sluggish, makes my skin feel rubbish and gives me food cravings. So grab your water bottle slice up some lemons and drink. 
Put on some music

There’s nothing that motivates me like a good playlist, hearing some of my favourite songs that I train to gets me in the mood to go running or training.

Just do it

Sometimes you’ve got to put a stop to the conversation in your head and just move. Lace up your trainers and get out there. 

I’ve said it before… listen to your body

If you’ve been training well and eating right but on this particular day you just can’t face it, tune in to your body. Rest, recharge and recover. Treat yourself to that one food you’re craving or put on your pjs instead of the gym gear and rest up.

Give yourself a true rest and be ready to get back to it first thing tomorrow. 


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