Learning to drink water has honestly been one of the healthy habits that has taken longest to instil in my lifestyle.

It was only tonight when I realised I’d left my water bottle at work that I realised how much I enjoy drinking water! I felt restless and realised I was searching around for it to sip from. Honestly feeling thirst which isn’t something I’d really listened to in my body before.

I can finally say thanks to the tips below I now find it easy to drink over 2 litres of water a day. I hope you find some of these helpful.

Tip One- Find a good sized water bottle that you find it easy to drink from.

You don’t have to spend a fortune it could just be a reused plastic one but the important thing is that you can sip from it without fussing with lids, dribbling it down your front or making obnoxious noises.

Tip two- Measure how much it holds.

This may sound odd but it’s going to help you set a goal. I use a bottle that holds 1 litre and I aim to finish one before mid day and one before my evening meal. Anything I drink after that is a bonus. I usually train at 7pm so I always make sure I’m on my third bottle by then as you should drink more when you exercise.

Tip Three- Jazz up your water.

I add anything from lemon and lime wedges to herbs and berries in my water bottle. I do this less now that I enjoy water but if I’m having infused water I’ll pop what I need in there first thing then just top up the water after I’ve finished, keeping the same fruit.

Tip four- Drink a cup of warm lemon water in the morning. 

This not only kick starts the digestive system and rehydrates me first thing but it also gives me a head start on my water intake before I have my morning coffee. I love to sip on this while I set my goals and intentions for the day.

Tip five- Replace soft drinks with sparkling water. 

I swapped out my soft drinks for sparkling water when I went cold turkey on the Diet Coke. I’m talking a 2 litre a day habit here and the side effects were not pleasant. I actually prefer sparkling water to all soft drinks now, I’ll add lemon wedges and ice. Sip from my favourite straw cup and I always have a large bottle with a meal out. At first the taste seemed odd but my taste buds quickly adjusted. It’s nice to have a bit of Fizz and still be smashing my water goals.

I don’t need to list the benefits of drinking more water to you, you’ve read them all over the internet. Give these tips a try and see the benefits for yourself.

Have any tips or hacks of your own? Leave a comment below I’m always looking for new ideas. 


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