Finding motivation to exercise is harder than actually exercising. We add so much time into our routine simply by trying to find the motivation to go do it. We justify and debate in our minds until we eventually make the decision to either head out there and get it done or just do nothing.

Take out the decision

Schedule exercise into your week, make a note somewhere of what days you’re going to train and what type of training you’re going to do. Then just do it, its non negotiable. We don’t wake up each day and wonder if we should go to work, we know it’s a must and so we just do it.

Think about your goals

Be more specific in the outcomes you expect from your training. I want to get fit is a great goal but what is your definition of fit? If you’re a runner how far do you want to be able to run? If you lift weights how heavy do you want to lift? Write it all down.

What is the purpose of your goal

You are more likely to achieve a goal if you put emotion behind it. If your goal is to lose a stone, why do you want to do that? Write it down. To be able to run around and keep up with my kids, to feel more confident in my body.

Break them down

Now break your goals down into an action plan. You can do this as often as you like, I like to create a list of mini goals monthly. If my long term goal is to be able to run 10K and I can currently run 5K then this month I want to be able to run over 6K. If my long term goal is to lose a stone then this month I’m aiming to lose 3/4lb.

Don’t wait for Monday

No matter what day of the week you’re reading this make the decision today. Decide your outcomes and the purpose for those and start now. If you don’t value your goals enough today to get started straight away then what makes you think you will tomorrow or the next day.

Put value in yourself and what you’re doing. Live the life you want and deserve now, not when you reach your goal.

Make yourself accountable let me know your goals and purpose in the comments or send me an email at


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