I hadn’t planned anything to blog tonight I just wanted to share a bit of what I’ve done today.

I woke at 7am and sat with some reading and a black coffee.

At 9am I did my first proper Pilates class, I’m pretty sure I’ll be aching in some new places tomorrow. I loved every minute and in regards to my martial art training it was useful to pinpoint my weaknesses. I’ve booked up again for Sunday.

I went to Starbucks with my sisters after for breakfast, I got super scrambled eggs and spinach and a black coffee with almond milk. I love doing things with my sisters they’re awesome.

I spent the day organising the house, I love decluttering it clears my mind and makes housework easy again! I put some winter clothes away and added some spring bits to the wardrobes.

I organised my work space where I have my to do lists and inspiration board then I stopped for a rewarding chocolate peanut smoothie mid way.
After all that bending myself every which way and cleaning it was time for some chicken and my favourite sweet potato wedgesย Recipe here. I eat that about half 5 and started my fasting app.

I’ve ended my night with a hot shower and a lush face mask ready to watch some TV and wind off a pretty easy day.


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