Every time someone asks me what I do when I say I’m going training or if they notice I’ve lost weight I tell them Martial Arts. They then give me a look and make some sort of UFC reference.

If you ask me what is Martial Art I’ll give you the following words…


This is the essence of Martial Arts for me, I have huge respect for my instructors and the way they’ve helped me grow in confidence and ability. But not only that, respect is the first thing that we do when we go through the door, it is the greeting and conversation between the students and the trust we show when we train. Respect is something my children have learnt in their every day life through martial art and that they are consistently complimented on.



My whole life I’ve struggled to talk to people, to complete everyday tasks such as making phone calls or asking for something in a shop or restaurant. I suffered massive social anxiety, a party or work event would be my absolute worst nightmare. Getting on the mat the first time was the equivalent of climbing a mountain and it didn’t stop there, I then had to complete that same journey again and again until my confidence grew to the place I’m in now.


I am physically more capable than I ever have been, I was not a sporty person I consistently had sick notes for PE and I can’t swim. Training Martial Arts has changed my appearance and given me a respect for my body that I’ve never had before. However and more importantly it has given me the mental resilience and personal strength to overcome challenges, to push myself into new adventures and feel I am capable of so much more.


The people I train with are the most respectful people I know and a support network no matter what you’re feeling, they are my family. My husband, children and I train together and it is something that has become a big part of our life, we will talk about training at the dinner table and do things together that improves our fitness.


I am learning skills and techniques that I’ve never dreamed I’d be capable of. Everyday I learn something new it gives me a sense of If I can achieve this this what else can I do?



2 thoughts on “What Is Martial Arts?

  1. Martial Arts means something different for everyone, and I couldn’t agree more with your points. I think what people take away from study shows a great deal about their character.

    To me, I think of honor, tradition, pushing myself, philosophy, teaching…

    As a teacher, my learning doesn’t stop. I have to solidify my technique, explain complex movements in a way that makes sense to a five year old. I have to push more than my physical being, and I find it a very meaningful challenge.

    When I tell people I do martial arts, I know it is unlikely they’ll understand what I mean. That sort of understanding comes from my students.

    Your points are well stated and insightful! Thank you.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment, you explain it so well and I fully agree with all of the words you’ve chosen. I would love to hear from more people in the community on what Martial Arts mean to them. Thank you for reading 🙂

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