Behind every body there’s a story and there’s a person. Who we are on the inside and the struggles we’ve been through can be reflected on the outside or buried deep.

We focus so much on the negative we forget to appreciate the resilience of the human body.

You might be your happiest at a curvier size but let other people tell you how you should look. You might be suffering an eating disorder or going through trauma and can’t help but keep losing weight only to be told you’re “too skinny”.

The stretch marks on your skin are the road map of your bodies change not a sign of weakness.

I am a petite person, I am only 5 ft 2 and at my heaviest probably weighed the average woman’s weight. But for me that weight was at the top end of overweight, my BMI was almost 28. I felt uncomfortable in my body, I was getting ill and yet when I joined a weight loss class I was practically laughed out of the building with comments like “my right leg weighs as much as you.”

Even now at a happy healthy weight I am thrown judgement, if I dare to eat a salad people will ask “why are you being healthy there’s nothing to you?”

I do not aspire to a particular size, weight or shape and neither should you. My goal is a feeling, I want to feel strong, healthy, energised, confident. I will eat, train and work to reach those goals and keep doing so to stay there. Listen to your body, non of the rest matters.

Who are those most guilty of body shaming?

Ourselves, it’s that negative self talk again. No matter how hard we work or what we achieve there’s that voice telling us we are not good enough. Let me tell you something about that voice you hear when you look in the mirror. It’s not you.

It’s an imposter, the compound effect of years of hearing other peoples opinions of how we look and how we should look. Whether it’s the school bully or social media it’s all in there and it all adds to that nagging feeling that we’re not good enough.

Find your authentic voice

If you are moving towards a whole healthy life, it doesn’t matter if you’ve reached your goals yet or you’re just starting out. What matters is that you change that voice in your head for your own true voice. Speak to yourself like you would your best friend or child. Love your body for all the things you’ve achieved and overcome. Promise to take care of yourself and treat yourself with the respect you deserve.



image credit Bustle

One thought on “A Word On Body Shaming

  1. This is so important for people to understand! We shame ourselves, and sometimes, what we may think of as a compliment may be hurtful to others. Like you said, Kelly, we have to be kind to ourselves and stop the negative self-talk, and your point that we never know what another person is going through is right on target. This is a great reminder that we have to choose our words carefully, both to ourselves and to others. ~Terri

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