The Easter eggs are eaten and the Netflix binge watching has been done, it’s time to step up this fitness game.

This last year I’ve reached a size I am happy with and a routine that enables me to easily maintain that but where’s the fun in easy right? I’m looking to set some new goals for myself and challenge myself a bit more.

I have been so inspired this morning just browsing Twitter and Instagram, so many of the health and fitness community getting up and getting on it. Setting new intentions and stepping up their game. I love that wake up and inspire others spirit.

So where better to set my goals than right here, accountability my friends.

Sweat More

Not just through Martial Arts and running but I’d love to really schedule some HIIT workouts into my week and maybe brave the weights. I’d love to start building some shape in my body. If you’ve got any tips or links to recommended workouts I’d love to hear them.

Run Further

I comfortably run 5k at the moment but I struggle to push myself past this, it’s not a physical thing, I’m certain I could keep running its more of a mental barrier that I need to pass. So I will be writing up a 10K training plan which I’ll share with you.

Keep It Simple

Food wise I really want to keep it simple with real, fresh food and flavours. I want to build my meals based around the principles I’ve talked about on this blog and not get hung up on any food groups. Just eating real food as fresh and seasonal as possible.


I shouldn’t have to set relaxing as a goal I know but it’s something I struggle with. I feel guilty for lazy moments and constantly feel pressure to be getting stuff done. I’m as much about mental wellness as I am physical so it’s important I start making time for myself. I want to read and go for long walks and just switch off from the world and rest my mind.

I would love to connect with people who are feeling like they want to step up their routine or set some new goals. Get in touch in the comments or on social media 🙂 #ProjectFightingFit 




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