“The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness”

This word is important to me, I have been through lets call them “experiences” in my life that have required resilience from me. I can’t say that I had it to be honest, I got knocked down and I stayed down for a long time.

I let these experiences chip away at me until I wasn’t my whole self anymore.

Martial Arts has taught me resilience, not simply from being physically taken down and getting back up but from strengthening my character.

I’ve pushed my limits and tested my boundaries to the point that I’ve managed to come out the other side stronger and more confident. I have respect for myself and my abilities.

Every time in my life that I’ve felt like a victim, I realise now that I was only a victim of my own limitations.

No matter what is thrown your way if you can just decide to overcome it and not let it defeat you or define you then you have resilience. That’s not to say it won’t hurt or that it will be easy.

Resilience isn’t about stopping yourself from being taken down, it’s deciding that next time you will get back up faster, stronger, louder. 




One thought on “Monday Motivation- Resilience

  1. This is the kind of Wednesday motivation I was looking for. I love how you mention we are sometimes a victim of our own limitations. So many great things can happen when we choose to be bold, and confident, and to push ourselves. I love that about your message.

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