Here we have it #fooddiaryfriday everything I’ve eaten today is photographed and tracked using My Fitness Pal. 

I don’t count calories or macros but I decided to track them on these food diary posts to give you an idea what I’m having and to help me get a better view of my own eating patterns. 

Here’s what I eat on a busy work day.


I started the day of as usual with black coffee and added a dash of almond milk because my stomach wasn’t feeling great this morning. Black coffee can be quite harsh on an empty stomach. 

I made my favourite smoothie for breakfast with a few added supplements like protein powder and maca. 

You’ll find the recipe for this smoothie if you click this link Here


I knew last weekend it was going to be a busy week so I needed some healthy foods that didn’t need any prep. I found these Bol salad jars on Ocado and decided to give them a try. This Japanese one was really nice. I’ve kept the pots so I can create my own layered salads next week. I’d absolutely choose these jars again on another busy week. 

I actually eat my banana about an hour before lunch because I was really low on energy. Then I wanted something a bit like pudding after my salad and fruit because I’m still trying to get over that easter sweet tooth. 


I needed something quick tonight I’m exhausted from work. At one time tiredness was a guaranteed route to a take away in our house, but I’m getting used to just throwing together some leftovers to make a quick meal. 

I cooked some spinach and ricotta pasta and threw in a blob of pesto and some king prawns. Served with some daggy salad from the bottom of the fridge it took all of 5 minutes. 

Finally a little bit of green and blacks chocolate to end my day with a treat. 


I’ve actually only managed 1 litre of water today I didn’t keep my water bottle close by at work and I didn’t drink my lemon water first thing. I feel really thirsty now so will try and get more in before bed. I hate getting up in the night though.


I have been so tired this week exercise just wasn’t even an option tonight, I’d done an hour of boxing Thursday night and like I’ve said before listening to your body is so important. 

Food Diary Friday round up 

Tracking was so useful today because I definitely eat too many carbs and that was before I had pasta for tea. I think in future I will have either a Trek bar or a smoothie and not both on the same day. 

I felt good choosing a healthy meal for dinner when I’m tired because that’s a major habit I’ve managed to break. I’d often eat a take away on a busy week night and feel awful afterwards. Half the time I wasn’t even hungry when I chose it, it was as though not knowing what to have had defaulted to junk.

I’ve found it quite hard getting back on track after the easter holiday, we had time off work, chocolate, fish and chips. The sugar cravings are strong. 

I feel like the choices I’ve made today have set me up for a healthy weekend, I’m going to get in bed now and read my book so I’m up and ready to train tomorrow. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my post and I’d love to hear what you’ve all been eating this week. Comment down below if you’d like to share your #fooddiaryfriday or tag me on Instagram @kellybeefit 


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