Gratitude is the fundamentals of my whole healthy life style, it wasn’t until I began to feel thankful for my body and health that I started to set goals with the right intentions. Goals I could actually achieve.

When we set a goal such as to lose weight because we dislike what we see in the mirror we are setting it from a negative place. Wanting to change through self hate is destructive and unlikely to be successful.

When you choose to make changes that will benefit your body and health you’re setting intentions out of self growth, to become stronger and fitter, to fuel yourself properly and to learn new skills. These are the goals you can stick to and that can only lead to progress.

You can start to build a more positive view of yourself using gratitude, what are you grateful for? Your health. Your strength. A particular part of your body. The inspiration you find on social media. The people you surround yourself with. Your skills and career. 

Don’t set out to make changes because you dislike what you see in the mirror, instead choose to give yourself the respect you deserve.

Let me ask you this, if you had your dream body and perfect health would you be doing the things you do now. Standing in the mirror directing negative thoughts at yourself, eating foods that you know are damaging to you, depriving your body of nourishment in order to punish yourself or lose weight.

Or would you be looking at yourself with admiration, feeding your body to perform well and remain healthy. Would you feel pride in yourself.

Why not show yourself some self love now, don’t wait until you’ve achieved your goals because we are always raising the bar and always changing the standard we expect of ourself. That’s how we continue to move forward and grow. Have respect and gratitude for yourself and who you are.

Comment below with something about yourself that you are grateful for right now, it can be anything at all. Happy Monday. 



3 thoughts on “Monday Motivation- Goals and Gratitude

  1. Oh loving that smile miss! And those eyes!
    And yes, it’s Tuesday down here in Australia, and I am feeling very grateful, and relaxed, and despite it being early in the week, pumped for the weekend! 😁😁

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