Why is it so hard to find motivation to get fit and lose weight?

I remember getting my sick notes for PE, I would tell my mom on a morning I didn’t want to do it and she would say something along the lines of “you’re like me I hated sports  too” and off I’d go to hand in my note.

Kelly can’t do PE today because she has twisted her ankle. Kelly is water phobic so can’t join swimming lessons this term. Kelly’s guinea pig died yesterday and she isn’t feeling up to physical activity today. Kelly got her period again even though she said that last week and the week before.

There are endless memes and quotes and hilarious videos about the pain of working out. When I talk about exercise at work I’m met with groans at the thought and admiration for actually going and doing it myself.

But where did this negativity around exercise come from? Surely we were made to move, why else does it release those endorphins and make us feel #LikeaBoss.

We are spending a fortune on gym memberships we don’t use and gadgets and apps to motivate us to just move more.

Is it the name exercise? Maybe it needs to rebrand?

I don’t have the answers to this one I just want to share some words of wisdom with you here.

You might feel like exercise is not for you, you’re not built for running and you couldn’t keep up in a boxing class. Let me tell you something it’s all BS.

You can do whatever you set out to do and if you keep on doing it eventually you’ll be that person who loves it and wants to inspire everyone to do it. *cough*

Don’t believe me? I challenge you now to commit to exercising regularly this month ignoring all the negative thoughts in your head and see how you feel at the end of it. If you really hate the first thing you try, then try something else. Get that blood pumping and sweat.

Comment down below with you favourite get out of Sport excuses. 🙂 



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