My family are an active family, the kids love going for “adventures” around the local area and riding their bikes. We all train martial arts several times a week. 
But this Sunday for some reason we were all a bit down and sluggish, no motivation or enthusiasm. It could have been tiredness or the Chinese we eat the night before.

I’m all for listening to your body and embracing that rest, it would have been so counter productive dragging myself to the gym. It wasn’t body tiredness, mentally I felt drained.

However that rest needs to feel good too. Mine didn’t. I was lay in my rocking chair struggling to concentrate on my book and feeling down. 

My husband must have been feeling the same and decided to do what he always does on days like that, go for a nice long walk over the hills. 

The kids needed so much convincing which isn’t like them. I text my sister who was in the same funk and said we should join them all too. So off we all went, let me tell you we didn’t look like the most inspiring group of martial artists.

But when we got up there with the fresh air, the sun shining and the beautiful bluebells everywhere, the clouds in my mind began to clear. The smell in the air was wonderful and the cool breeze as we walked soothing.

We had a nice slow walk over these beautiful hills and the kids climbed some trees with their dad. 

Me and my sister set off walking ahead and venting some frustrations.

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t about the gym or meal prepping. It’s about moving every day, eating foods that are real and fuel your body efficiently. 

It’s about listening to your body and knowing what you really need, and that comes with time. 

Doing something is better than doing nothing, going out for a nice walk or just playing actively with the kids. Even doing some housework or having a dance.

Once I start moving my mindset adjusts, my body remembers it feels good and I want more of it. 

Don’t feel like you have to lift weights or run to make the workout count. Movement should be in a variety of forms and just doing something can make the world of difference to your mental health even when you feel like it’s the last thing you want to do.

For me if it’s my body that’s tired I rest, if it’s my mind that’s tired I move. 


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