Let’s get real here. I’ve been away for a little while because I somehow managed to turn the platform I made for myself to promote health and balance into my very own trigger into disordered eating. 

By that I mean I was putting immense pressure on myself to eat in a way that’s perceived as “clean” and “healthy.” I wanted to be a role model of health and fitness.

I started researching further into diets and ways of eating but in doing that I started to demonise foods and quickly fell back into old habits. 

These habits being eating 100% Instagram worthy healthy all week then bingeing on Saturday night. The worst part? The guilt I made myself feel on Sunday. 

So this week I took a step back and told myself to take my own advice listen to my body and take the ban off all foods no matter what they are.

The result? For one I instantly started making better choices because I wasn’t feeling that “one last treat” or pressure for it to be “clean”. 

I didn’t binge this weekend I just cooked a homemade version of what I fancied.

There have been no more feelings of guilt or self hate.

I just really want to stress today that no matter what you read or see online the only truly healthy way to eat is to eat free of negative self talk. 

You can eat all the quinoa you want but if you’re making yourself miserable for it you’re defeating the object. 

Do not tell yourself foods are bad or good, never feel guilty for indulging in a bit of what you fancy and nourish your body not punish. 

In order to be a role model I need to be real with you guys 100% of the time. As my instructor says, “Top word? Honesty.” 

I’m feeling good and healthy, I realised what I was doing early enough to put a stop to it and I look forward to sharing with you a real way of eating for real people.



3 thoughts on “Disordered Eating 

  1. I’m so glad you were able to recognize what was going on so quickly and get back to a healthy relationship with food! It’s so important that we don’t assign human attributes to food; ie, “good” or “bad.” Food is just food. A healthy diet that includes room for foods we love is something that can be maintained; those that don’t give us any “wiggle room” only end up hurting us in the end. Congratulations on finding what works for you!

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