So when you feel like you’ve wandered a bit off track and it doesn’t matter which way off track, for me as I said in my previous post I was trying to be too “clean” and ending up having a weekend binge followed by some pretty nasty self hate.

I want to get back to living a whole healthy lifestyle and that means balance.

Drink More Water

The first step to every single health related problem is to drink that water. Flushing out toxins is important but for me when I haven’t drank enough I feel sluggish and tired which can lead to lazy food choices that don’t reflect what my body needs. Keep a water bottle with you to sip from all day long and keep filling it up, you can add lemon and lime slices too.

Make a Plan

I’m a list maker I love a good plan of action, to do list or shopping list. I like to have a selection of meals I can choose from depending on what takes my fancy so I still have options but I also have some healthy structure to stop me being lazy.

My plan might be oats or eggs for breakfast, salad or soup for lunch and a variety of protein, veggies and grains for dinner. Don’t forget to choose a couple of snacks too, I usually plan for fruit, nuts or dark chocolate.

Eat A Rainbow 

When you’re getting back to basics forget tracking macros or calories and DO NOT cut out food groups. Aim to eat a rainbow of colourful fruit and vegetables each day and add in some protein, carbs and healthy fats. Keep food in it’s simplest form by aiming for less packaged stuff and more things made from scratch.

Move More

If you’ve hit a wall or you’re coming from a place of lost motivation trying to force yourself into a workout schedule is only going to send you back under the blanket with a box of biscuits.

Start the positive changes with a little bit of movement every day, going out for a morning walk or after dinner. Chasing the kids around the park or going for a gentle swim. Let your body enjoy moving and move in ways you enjoy, build up from there.

Take A Media Break

Social media can be an amazing tool for inspiration and ideas, I love seeing peoples progress, reading about what they eat and finding new recipes but if you’re in a bad head space you can end up with the opposite.

I’ve found it helpful to step away from some of the fitness side of social media and focus on things I love like reading and cooking, swapping my fitness magazines for food magazines and recipe books. Tackling my to be read pile and just being out in the fresh air.

Love Your Body

You need to find a way to love the body you have now, try to look at yourself in a new light, find your strengths and be grateful for them. Pamper yourself, buy new clothes, stop waiting for the changes.

You can’t possibly treat your body properly if you are full of self loathing and no matter what changes you make that negative body image will remain.

If you change your mindset now you will find happiness and with that happiness you’ll be on the right path to start making other positive changes for all the right reasons. 


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